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Est. 2003

GPX Moto’S Vision

Our vision is real simple. We provide high quality motorsports products at the most reasonable prices! You don’t have to sacrifice high quality for a lower price point.


USA MOTORTOYS (manufacture, designer and distributor of GPX MOTO and Pitster Pro products) was established in anticipation of the paradigm shift currently being experienced in the motorsports industry.


GPX Moto’s Goals

Create a positive experience for our dealers and customers when it comes to recreational fun

Provide another profit center to motorsports businesses who, regardless of their approach, often suffer at the hands of big-box retail outlets.

Redefine the motorsports industry by providing affordable and quality products for recreational enthusiast of all ages

By delivering on our promises and realizing our key organizational goals, we anticipate continued, exponential growth in each industry sector we focus on, including ATVs, On/Off-Road Motorcycles, Scooters, Power Equipment, and more.

GPX Moto’s History

  • Launched 2003

    USA Motortoys (USAMT) was established in 2003

  • Family Owned

    USA Motortoys is a family owned manufacture and distribution company, operated by riders and enthusiasts. We love what we do and we want to share our passion for our products with other riders!

  • A Brief History of How We Started

    In the early 2000’s many young and enthusiastic riders started to take small 50cc motorcycles and try to turn them into mini supercross bikes. Riders would spend thousands trying to get more power and better suspension to outdo their buddy. It was all about banging bars and having a good time! Many aftermarket companies catered to this fast-growing trend. The back yard “pit bike craze” was in full bloom!

  • Pitster Pro is Launched

    Tired of spending thousands on a “mini bike,” and seeing the opportunity to develop a complete mass production “pit bike,” USAMT began the Pitster Pro product line. By developing overseas contacts, and maintaining quality control Pitster Pro soon became a world-wide brand. Podium finishes were no stranger to the Pitster Pro product line in some of the largest races in the world including the Las Vegas mini moto on many occasions.

  • International Expansion

    Since the mid 2000’s USAMT has expanded the Pitster Pro product line to more than 10 international countries and over 30 models. Pitster Pro has become known as the go to product line for those in search of “MINI” motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s for kids and kids at heart.

With the USAMT relationships that have developed since the early 2000’s, the vision of a full product line has come to fruition. With the developments of more advanced production facilities and technology improvements including, EFI systems, larger displacement engines the GPX Moto product line was born. The GPX Moto brand focus is to provide performance products to the motorsports world while maintaining quality and affordability. The combination of GPX Moto and Pitster Pro provide expanding market opportunities for motorsports dealers and the confidence, reliability and performance riders are looking for!

It’s about time riding become affordable again!

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